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Lessons from SXSW: Advocacy Trumps Influencer

sxsw 2013 1

It's been a few weeks since the conclusion of this year's South by South West (SXSW) festival in Houston, Texas, and even though Justin Timberlake may have stolen the final thunder, there are still many things we can take away from it as marketers. 

One of the most compelling ideas that came out of SXSW 2013 was the focus towards identifying your brand's advocates instead of the growing number of followers. What does this mean though? Think of it this way:Would you rather have many friends that are acquaintances or have fewer friends with strong relationships? Trevor Jonas, VP of Digital at Access Communications, summed up the situation perfectly by saying that, "having fifteen or twenty million fans on a social network is dramatically less than," the response you get, "from interacting and building relationships with a thousand or even a hundred true advocates." The massive number of followers may be impressive, but the true testament in brand loyalty comes from the endorsement and support of those die-hard enthusiasts, otherwise known as the brand advocates. It's important to nurture strong relationships with brand advocates.

Native Advertising: A Growing Buzz Word


The term Native Advertising has been a big buzz word within marketers for a while now, but not many people seem to fully understand what it is and how it can be effectively used. At Social Media Week New York 2013, the topic of Native Advertising stimulated some heated discussions and also provided different insights on how to utilize it. 

K-Pop's Climb to International Recognition Thanks to Video Marketing

gangnam style resized 600

Korean Pop (K-Pop) music has been gaining a lot of international recognition within the last two years. Most recently, we saw the explosive success of “Gangnam Style” by PSY, who gave birth to the very first YouTube video to top 1 billion views on December 21, 2012. PSY is not the only recognizable K-Pop name today; Girls’ Generation, BIGBANG, WONDER GIRLS and 2NE1 are all names that music listeners around the world are starting to take notice of. How is the small music industry of South Korea gaining so much international success? It's all in video marketing.

Crowdsourcing Week Q&A with Zooppa

Crowdsourcing Week 2013

Crowdsourcing Week, a global event designed to bring open innovation and efficiency to organizations through crowdsourcing, recently ran a Q&A on their blog with Zooppa CEO Wil Merritt.

What Super Bowl Ads Suggest About Video Marketing's Future

Super Bowl commercials

Love it or hate it, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest cultural events in America and, some would say the world, with the 2013 event attracting 109 million viewers from around the globe. 

Will Vine Revolutionize Online Video Advertising?

Vine video marketing

Vine, the new mobile video app recently released by Twitter, has been creating quite the buzz lately. 

Pizza Hut Invites Fans to Create Super Bowl Commercial with Zooppa

Pizza Hut video contest

Pizza Hut is inviting its fans to upload videos of their best "Hut. Hut. Hut!" call, which could become part of the brand's first user-generated commercial to air on Feb. 3, right before the Super Bowl kicks off.

ONE and iStockphoto Launch Zooppa Contest to Fight Global Poverty

ONE and iStockphoto contest

Whether you're liberal or conservative, a dog person or cat lover, a Yankees or Red Sox fan, you're invited to take part in a unique multimedia contest that brings opposites together to change the world.

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Video Marketing During the Holiday Shopping Season


With the holidays in full swing, marketers are monitoring new ways to reach shoppers during a season marked by an ever evolving media landscape. It almost goes without saying that, particularly in recent years, retailers have had to adjust their holiday marketing plans to consumer media habits in order to keep those discounts and deals in front of shoppers. This year is no different, but perhaps unique in the sense that, to paraphrase AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher, shoppers are "shopping online for iPads with their iPads."

Happy Holidays from Zooppa

Happy Holidays from Zooppa

Happy Holidays from the crowd at Zooppa...

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