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How to Write a Brief for Your Creative Crowdsourcing Campaign


When inspiring the crowd to create for your brand, how do you draft a brief that captures their attention and encourages participation?  Follow these guidelines and be sure your brief answers the questions below to create a clear sense of expectations between the company and the participants. This will ideally result in engaging the crowd and executing a successful crowdsourcing campaign. Your brand will benefit, the crowd will be happy, and you will look like a content marketing rock star! 

 1. Inspire the crowd to participate

Writing a creative crowdsourcing brief
  • Why should creatives take time to create a piece for your brand?

  • Why should they care?

  • What is it about your brand that should be meaningful to them?

  • What is required for the submission? Mention the basics but don’t get too technical as it may inhibit your fans and other creative minds from becoming engaged.

The brief functions to motivate the crowd to participate not to weigh them down with details and technical requirements.

2. Challenge the crowd to reflect

  • What is different about this campaign? Create tension that they will be interested in responding to and then build a theme around it.

  • Does your brand solve everyday problems for businesses and consumers?

  • Is your brand a challenger in a new or existing market?

  • Why should the crowd feel connected to the brand now?

Introducing an element of conflict can invigorate a crowd of non full-time creative professionals and make the brand feel more personally attainable.

3. Communicate current social conversations

  • Why should people share your brand with their social network?

  • How does your brand curate their identity and demonstrate their personality?

  • What is your brand’s unique social voice and character?

  • What conversations exist around your brand on the web?

The campaign submissions will be an extension of conversations that are already happening on the social web, so understanding where you fit into that conversation is key.

Creative crowdsourcing offers brands an incredible opportunity to engage with their social audiences. An effective creative brief that is inspirational, enticing, and reflective of your brand’s social voice will guarantee that your crowdsourcing campaign will generate impressive results.

And one more thing... just for laughs, the below video highlights the creative brief for Nabicso Wheat Thins as shared by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report recently and offers an example of how important the creative brief is when communicating to an audience:

To learn more about our approach to creative briefs that inspire the crowd, contact one of our team members today at info@zooppa.com.


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