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Free Case Study: Siemens & "Changing Your City for the Better"

Crowdsourcing case studyLearn how Siemens generated 118 documentary videos from 26 countries using Zooppa's crowdsourcing platform.

"The response to the campaign was overwhelming and indeed positively surprising-both in terms of quantity and quality"

- Tobias Dennehy, Editor in Chief of Corporate Communications

Download our complete case study of Siemens' "Changing Your City for the Better" campaign. Seeking to add fresh, global perspectives to its new corporate magazine /answers, Siemens launched a crowdsourcing campaign re-inforce their brand's values of innovation and sustainability.

Download this case study and learn

  • How Siemens went on to use and repurpose the crowdsourced video content

  • What it takes to solicite video submissions from around the globe

  • Why the Head of Digital marketing at Siemens considered the campaign "one of the best things they've ever done"

"Changing Your City for the Better" shows how crowdsourcing can be an effective marketing practice in empowering fans and followers to own and share your brand's messaging. Fill out the form at the right to download the complete case study today.